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23 November 2007


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Marilee McCormack

I just read your post and I feel so proud of you even though I don't know you. I am a complete klutz in the kitchen and when I volunteer to have a holiday dinner, it can go perfectly if all the family act like I think they should, but no my family are just like what you describe. Everyone is early and having a good time. All except me. We have a new plan at our house. My husband takes over, gives me a glass of wine and says "Just look pretty", and it works. You did well. They will all love you for it.


All family gatherings are fraught with painful little moments. This is why I live half a continent away from any immediate family members. The lovely Morgaine and I once made the mistake of attending Christmas dinner at a distant relative's house. When the hostess was saying how terrible she must look because she'd been cooking all day (she looked fine and was just fishing for a compliment), Morgaine said 'That's okay, the hostess is allowed to look terrible!'

We were not invited back.

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