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22 February 2008


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That's a great piece. It looks as if you can fashion art out of anything. That piece should be at the MoMA. By the by, you can write a little, too.


Thanks Dave. I appreciate your continuing support.


Congrats on getting a midwife and a biker I am thoroughly enjoying your submission!


I love it! I can't wait to see the finished sculpture. Good luck!


I saw this when you first posted it, and I thought that I have wheels that could be used to construct this sculpture. I know you live far from Minnesota so I didn't volunteer to help. I assume you have found the parts by now.

I was thinking of my own sculpture (not for the show) made from a bike frame that would serve as a picture frame for the following image.

Good luck with your sculpture and the show.


Do you have a pic of the finished product ?? its a brilliant idea hope it went well

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