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07 September 2008


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morning gruel

Maybe you should have told them that the doll wasn't dead, it was just making snow angels...

Anyway, I guess it's a good thing you didn't decide to immerse half a cow in formaldehyde or can your own poop.

Kip de Moll

I totally "get" the idea of censorship and the issue of free expression stimulating the public to debate.

My 2 cents is that the business, in offering the space, has some right and priviledge to review the work, since it "represents" their business. One would hope if they are enlightened enough to offer artwork, they would be able to take the "risk" involved and see it as good for their business ("there's no bad advertising", right?).

I'm curious you didn't mention the obvious compromise of removing the "offending" piece and placing it at the SEABA headquarters with an explanation.

There certainly is an aspect of creating art that invites such controversy.

Keep up the good work

Kimberley Hannaman Taylor

Well in this case, what was their risk? There is no nudity, no violence (graphic or otherwise), no political implications (unless they're imagined - which they should be), and there are no prejudices represented.
This was purely the result of an eleventh hour aesthetics judgment by a terrifically intolerant business owner willing to waste an artist's time and money because she is plain inconsiderate.
She went on to shut her business doors for the whole event effectively locking up two other artists work for the event as well. I feel really bad about that, but hey, that was her call not mine.
And I'm not sure what you mean about taking the show to the headquarters with an explanation. I had no intention of taking more time to put the show in an obscured location to accommodate such unprofessional business practices. This is business after all. I spent money and time to produce what I promised (actually in this case, I didn't even commit to this show - I was fixing their error!) and the organization and business owner chose to waste my time.
That's why I took my show on the road - to stimulate a discussion about obligation, artistic integrity and intolerance.
Thanks for you comment Kip. It's always nice to hear from you.

Kip de Moll

Since she closed her doors to visitors, I guess she really wasn't very interesteed in showing art work, expanding consciousness, or socially responsible business. I'm sorry your time was wasted, but it sounds like your point was well made on the street.

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